Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!:)

Well, I turned 29 yesterday. Okay, that was my friend Kristel's idea. She decreed that there will be no more addition on our ages:) I'll be truthful, I'm now 31. Wow, how did that happen so fast? Chad jokingly commented last evening about my 29 wonderful years. It made me think, are there two years of non-wonderful, time that I would want to forget? Nope! I am so wonderfully blessed! I have an amazing husband and two great children, a stable home life and a super supportive extended family. I've experienced some lows but they are always, always followed by joy. I have a comfy home, a car that works (and a husband that can make it work if it stops working:) ), a small but successful photography business, and friends that are always available when I need them. My kids wake me up with sloppy kisses and we end the day with eyes, nose and ear love:) How does it get any better?

Oh yeah, how about a new sewing machine!!! Chad, my grandmother, and all the parents went together and gifted me with a new sewing machine, a Brothers Innov-is 80. My old machine is a rebuilt Morse from the 50s. It's been a great machine but with all this sewing I've been doing, I was ready for something that can handle more, much more:)

So, as I sit here contemplating how I got to 31 so quickly, I realize that my life is just right, perfect even. I proudly shout that I'm 31 and I wouldn't change a day of it!

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