Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What a tease!

We had some excitement on Monday morning. Gavin went pee in his potty! Well, some of his pee went in the potty... next step, figuring out how to make all the pee go in the potty:) How exciting for us! For those of you who haven't potty trained a toddler or who did it so long ago they can't remember, this is a great step for Gavin! He now tells me (most of the time) when he needs his diaper changed so we got the potties out at the beginning of the month in the hopes that he gets used to the idea of using them.

Since monday though, he hasn't even wanted to sit on the potty. Man, what a tease. I had my hopes up thinking he'd do something easily and "on schedule" but I don't see that happening:) I just purchased a new potty better designed for boys, this will seal the deal I'm sure:)

We are now on our second month of trying to keep him in his toddler bed. It's getting better but we still have to stay up stairs until he falls asleep. What still gets me at this point is his renewed surprise every time we discipline him when he gets out of his bed. You think that would sink in quickly.

He is surely a delight (when it isn't bed time). He is using an astronomical amount of words, is starting to do imaginative play, and still loves tractors. While we were visiting my nephew, he was so gentle with him save for the one time that he laid on top of him and nearly squished him flat:) He has a soft heart and loves to cuddle. What a wonderful addition to our family!

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