Sunday, January 11, 2009

Anyone up for a rousing game of Pony-opoly?

My dad received a gift from his sister just last week in the mail and he opened it while the kids and I were over visiting him. My extended family has been able to get to know Kyla and Gavin quite well this year and my aunt got "Dad" the perfect present, Pony-opoly:) Yes, that's right, monopoly pony style:)

Chad had to walk like a pony around the board, Kyla had to buck like a pony (Grandma Lynne helped). There was hoof cleaning, tail swishing, and of course head patting during the game. It was pretty entertaining from my point of view:) The game is geared for Kyla's age but my parent's were good sports as they had to fork over treats and do crazy stuff. After a wild game of that...Kyla showed them her stuff on our new Wii. We purchased it last week and have really enjoyed it! What fun! I'm a little embarrassed to say that Kyla is better than me in some of the games, but I will keep practicing:) I must defeat my five year old:)

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