Thursday, January 29, 2009

The end of the baby era for the Riddle Fam...

We are getting rid of our baby stuff... No if, ands or buts! Gavin is turning TWO on Sunday and I've finally come to the point of readiness to say farewell to a good portion of the baby trappings that we have accumulated with our two kids. I spent the evening putting things on craig's list with my heart a little heavy but my strength of will strong. I rejoice in this new stage of life that we are in, the "watching our two beloved kids grow up" stage, but I also mourn the loss of the "new baby" stage. Thankfully, God has blessed me with friends who are keeping my arms full and my heart bursting with wonder for their new babies:) So as I say goodbye to many things that symbolize our "babyhood" phase, I am thankful for the experience that came with each peice. Some of them were gifts, some were things that I picked out specifically for my babies, all were well used and appreciated.

I just hope that those who buy these things, can enjoy them as much as I did. That they get as many grand memeories as I have during their Baby Era.

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