Thursday, January 15, 2009

Two days down, just one to go!

Yesterday went well, it did seem a bit long near the end though:) Trina (mother-in-law) came and had dinner with us and then stayed the night as an extra little fun thing for the kids. Kyla challenged her to the wii and whipped her behind in bowling:)

Wouldn't you know it, the one time Chad is gone, I hurt myself. I was just carrying Gavin down the stairs with his new blanket (picture a john deere fleece blanket) and he decided to drop it as I was walking down the stairs. Just imagine what happened next. Yep, we went down the stairs like professional bobsledders except not as gracefully. I was able to protect Gavin from the evils of gravity, but the hard wooden stairs were not kind to my behind. After laying crumpled and moaning at the bottom of the stairs for a good amount of time, I got up and realized that nothing is seriously damaged. I have a feeling my behind and lower back will be very pretty in the next couple of days with the bruising that will surely follow this incident. Dont' worry, I won't be posting those pics:) So I'll be taking it slow today, maybe I'll even hobble a bit:)

Chad should be coming home late tonight, after the kids are in bed of course:) Please continue to pray for us today as we survive this time without Daddy:)

I'm heading to the freezer to get some ice for my bum and maybe my elbow...hmmm maybe my ankle too:)

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A Work In Progress.. said...

Yeah, almost done! I am so glad your family has been able to support you and make the time pass. And I hope you bum doesn't get too much worse, how awful!