Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The great escape - Part 2

Ye, we've taken Gavin out of his crib and he's safely in his toddler bed, but this story isn't about him. The escaping bug has been passed on to Lovy the hamster it seems. I came downstairs this morning and glanced into the tv room where Lovy has his little home. I did a double take as I saw something tall on top of the cage, I quickly realized that it was Lovy! As best that I can guess, he had climbed to the top of his little house inside the cage, climbed on top of his wheel, then pushed off the lid a couple of inches and then spidermaned it out of there.

My heart stuttered a bit at the prospect of a loose rodent running around my house. I slowly walked to the cage and as I neared it, Lovy jumped at me! I wasn't close enough to catch him and the poor guy landed on the ground. I think he scared the adventureness right out of himself with that. I picked him up and held him for a bit to make sure he wasn't going to just keel over with all the strain of his escape.

After a full bowl of food, some fresh water and his comfy house, Lovy is sleeping peacefully and all is well here at the Riddle House. I have a feeling that I'll be checking on him more than normal today though:)

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