Monday, January 19, 2009

A Grand Day to Celebrate!

My nephew, Gabriel Joshua Bonnell, was dedicated this Sunday. We were able to be there and share in this blessed event. We haven't seen him 2 months and he has changed so much! My sister-in-law's father did the dedication while Josh and Randi stood beside her grandparents, parents, and my parents. Gabe enjoyed being the center of attention and stole the hearts of the congregation:)

My brother also took a tremendous step in his spiritual walk by being baptized that same morning. It was a pretty emotional time for my family and I was so proud of him. He was supported by his men's group that he meets with every week and of course by all of us:) They have a great tradition at their church...when you are baptized, you sign the baptismal as a constant reminder that you have made this outward commitment to Christ. Pretty cool!

I want to officially welcome Gaberial and Josh into the family of Christ!

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