Friday, December 5, 2008

We've Been Hit

Hit by the Flu bug that is. Just this week I was reading my friends blog and found out that her son had the flu. I was pretty glad that we have been healthy lately and haven't had much contact with the outside world. Hah, I guess thats what I get for being smug:) My mom and I went out to dinner last night and when we got home, my little boy had vomited all over his bed. Only those moms who have cleaned up a crib after vomit can appreciate the joy I had in that we had moved the mattress out just yesterday! After a very restless and sleepless night, Kyla went to school healthy as can be, Chad went to work bleary eyed, Gavin seems to be on the mend and I can barely see straight I'm so tired. I do not relish this part of parenthood. Even worse than cleaning up Gavin's vomit is knowing that soon there will be more to clean, as sickness seems to spread in our little family at the speed of light. Gavin has already taken and nap today on the couch and Kyla's back from her exciting day at school. I'm trying to stay upright as the kids play. It is some quirk of nature that my kids can be puking one minute and then playing full throttle the next, where is the fairness in that! My goal is to last one more hour until nap time, we'll just see how that goes:)

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