Monday, December 22, 2008


This is unbelievable! We lost our 15 inch ruler in the deep snow sometime last night. I made a new ruler out of a piece of wood and stuck it out on the picnic table close to where the other ruler was last seen. As of right now, we are reading over 17 inches of snow.

Yesterday afternoon, we called chad's cousins across town and invited them for a slumber party. Everyone is getting stir crazy and we needed a change of scenery:) We played outside in the snow until they got here and then settled in for a night of homemade pizza, movies and flickering lights. We have plenty of blankets and food so we are just hanging out waiting for the next adventure:)

After our impromptu slumber party, Chad cleared off the car and put the tire chains on and headed out of town with Bryan on a rescue mission. My mom has been without power since yesterday morning and is by herself since my dad is in Indiana helping his mom during an illness. We are praying that they can get to her and back safely. We are ready for some warm weather and normal OR rain:)

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