Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Hunting We Will Go!

We went to Haggs Christmas Tree Farm up on Bull Mountain on Saturday afternoon in search of the perfect christmas tree. Kyla decided that it was time for her to pick "the one." After a hay ride pulled by a tractor (just imagine the excitement) we tromped around the tree farm.

After Kyla had deemed our tree perfect, a worker came and cut it for us and even dragged it down the hill. How awesome it that? All the adventure of cutting your own tree with none of the work:)

The sun was setting as we headed back to the car after checking out the petting zoo and craft area.

The kids "held on" to the tree all the way home (a tradition that my parents started when I was a kid).

The perfect tree ended up being a bit too tall, very fat and considerably lopsided, but other that that, it is perfect:)

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