Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Day!

Well, the weather man was on target this time:) We have a couple of inches of snow outside and the temperature is in the low 20s. BRRRR! As soon as the kids saw that we had snow last evening, they dragged Chad out and stayed out for about 30 minutes. They came in with frozen fingers but big smiles on their faces:) School is canceled today and Chad is working from home so it's a pretty slow day here. The kids and I ventured outside to play in the beautiful snow this morning.

Chad's dad made us a beautiful wooden tobaggon a couple of christmases ago and we haven't had the chance to use it (we do live in Oregon:) ) Well today we had enough snow. I pulled the kids around the yard as they threw snow at me, what a family bonding time:)

After about 45 minutes, fingers and nose were getting cold and we came back in. After some hot chocolate and cuddling in blankets, they are back to playing and I'm looking out the windows at the beautiful day:)

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