Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Great Escape

I'm humming the theme music from Indiana Jones as I type. Gavin has now mastered the ancient art of escape, escaping from the evil confines of...The Crib (this must be said with a dark and low voice). While we were in Indiana, he figured out how to get out of the portacrib, but I assumed it was a fluke. At my parents house, he did the same trick with their portacrib. I was still in denial that my baby boy had the flexibility and cunning necessary for this type of treachery. On Sunday morning, Kyla awoke to Gavin cuddling next to her on the floor in her sleeping bag. Three days later, I finally caught the escape artist on camera after putting him back in his crib several times.

We had planned on switching him to a toddler bed sometime far in the future...I believe that will be much sooner that we ever expected. We are debating; is it time for the toddler bed or should we continue to let him crawl out of the crib and possibly get hurt?

During his nap today, I found in him Kyla's loft bed twice, and put him back in his crib 6 times! Something must be done! I'm thinking "special" PJ's with a "special" sheet (think Velcro)... Any ideas?:)


A Work In Progress.. said...

Oh My!!! I think I would get him in the toddler bed asap! He is so high before he finally gets down!! I would at least take the bumper out right away, as he is using it for leverage, maybe it will take him a few more days to figure it out without that there as help, buying you some time to get the bed! When my friend switched her daughter to a toddler bed they told her she could not get out of bed unless mommy or daddy told it it was time to get up, and it worked! It might be worth a try for Gavin too??

A Work In Progress.. said...

Oh, plus another friend of mine's son was doing this and got his nutters stuck in the hinge, yikes and major ouches!!