Sunday, December 7, 2008


We got tagged again on Friday night. This time, unfortunately, it was quite a bit bigger than last month. We didn't notice the graffiti until we got home on Saturday after getting our Christmas tree. I was NOT feeling the Christmas cheer at that point! We made a report and had an officer come out and document the incident. He says that there isn't much they can do without a suspect. We will be installing some lighting out by the garage this week to help ward this off.

When it rains it pours here. Chad came down with the flu last night and Gavin's diaper wasn't effective last night so I've been cleaning bedding this morning and bathing grouchy kids. We just found out the my grandmother on my dad's side was diagnosed with lung cancer and in the process of figuring all that out, they found they she needs a heart bypass surgery as well. Chad's grandfather on his dad's side is getting married and there are some concerns in regards to that. Oh, and now my car is rattling really badly when you drive it. Anything else???

Please pray that we have the stamina and faith to get through this. I'm horribly afraid that I'm next on the list for the flu and we have to paint the garage, get our tree decorated, put together Gavin's toddler bed, go grocery shopping, and do the normal everyday living. As you can tell, I'm feeling very overwhelmed. Please keep us in your prayers during this difficult time. Thanks so much!

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