Friday, October 17, 2008

When it rains...

It pours!! This week, it has been pouring metaphorically at the Riddle household. Chad had the flu early on in the week, my dryer died and I have TWO WEEKS worth of laundry piled up, the kids have colds and aren't sleeping, my house is a disaster area, and I had to wrestle with the dr's office to get prescriptions sent to our pharmacy and then they weren't there...Arggggggh.

Life is never what you think it will be:) Chad has recuperated, we have the meds the kids need, the kids finally slept through the night and I have a date with the laundromat tonight:) God has supported me through all the mess raining about our heads. It's amazing how calm I've been, considering all the craziness:)

Thanks to everyone who have supported us through prayer and given us laughter this week!

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