Thursday, October 23, 2008

We were tagged!

I don't mean the fun, cute internet way, but real graffiti on our garage! As the kids and I walked to the bus stop this morning and I noticed brown letters on the front of the garage. I filed a police report and had a deputy out here to take pictures already this morning. He recommend that we get it covered quickly, so my day will be filled with pressure washing, priming and painting the spot on the garage. We planned on painting the garage next summer, I'm not too happy with the need to do part of it now. I've blurred out the actual text, I'm not sure if it's gang related. Whether or not it is, it still offends me! We've lived her for over 5 years and have never had any big problems, yeah for small towns:) On a good note, they didn't tag the house proper that Chad finished painting last night!

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Joce said...

Oh that's awful! I'm sooo thankful you hadn't painted yet. Sorry about the mess and extra work. . .it's so sad what people do to get a rise out of someone.