Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring...

Okay, it's not really pouring, but it was sprinkling:) The kids got on their rain coats from their Great-Grandma Clara and played out on the porch. It's pretty warm outside, not normal for a rainy day in Oregon. Please don't pay any attention to how bad the house looks in the background. That part has been scraped and is ready to be primed, now we wait for sun:)

What a blessing that my children are friends,
at least most of the time they are:)

Gavin and I started our yearly bible study in McMinnville. It's a non-denominational community bible study hosted at a presbyterian church. This is our third year. It feels very strange to not have Kyla with us as we walk in the doors. This has been a big part of her socialization and our friend base. She had school pictures today, I'm always a little wary spending money for other people to take pictures of my children:) But you just gotta have school pictures, it's a tradition:)

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