Monday, October 6, 2008

Our Favorite Books...

Gavin has finally found the joy in sitting still and looking at books. Right now his favorite books are "The Alphabet Construction Book," "My Book of Tractors," and "Green Eggs and Ham." Though any book with cars, animals, or kids will do. He'll back right into your lap and hand you a book and sit still for an entire book. For those who really know our little guy, this is amazing:) Often I find him in is chair by the window quietly looking at a book.What a joy that he enjoys the world of books!

Kyla's favorite books right now are "Black Beauty," her princess horse stories, and her book about horses. Any thing with horses will do:) We've been reading chapter books at bed time for the last year now. She has a great memory, she can tell you exactly where we left off, no matter how long it's been. She also recently checked out a book from the library at school, "The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh":) She shares her love of Pooh Bear with her Ting-a-ling.

It truly warms my heart to see my kids have such a love for books. My legacy to them:)

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