Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The kids and I were playing at the park today across from the house enjoying the warm sunshine when all of sudden, I realized that Gavin was having a difficult time breathing! We rushed home and got his nebulizer set up in record time and started his breathing treatment. Within a minute, his breathing was much less labored and by the time his treatment was over (about 10 minutes) he was good as new.

I've been in denial this summer, I hadn't even gotten the nebulizer machine out yet. Gavin has asthma, a mild form of it to be sure, but asthma none the less. I kept hoping that he would miraculously grow out of it, like some kids do. No such luck. We are in for another winter of breathing treatments, inhalers, and wheezing.

Please pray...For Gavin's lungs, my patience, and most of all for healing. At this point, the Dr's say that there is a good chance of him growing out of this, lets pray that it happens quickly!

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