Sunday, October 12, 2008


We introduced the kids to football this weekend. On Saturday, we had Andrew and Suzanne for a yummy lunch and then all headed to Linfield for the homecoming game. It is Chad and Andrews 10 year Anniversary and we thought we'd celebrate it by going back for the football game and checking out all the additions made to the campus since they've been gone. The game was great! The sun was shining and it wasn't too chilly.Kyla was more interested in the cheerleaders than the actual game, unlike Gavin who seemed to be understanding all the action going on down on the field. Even cheering or saying "No" when appropriate:) We were way up in the grandstand, but the game was fun, Linfield won! Go Team:)

Gavin migrated from Chad, to me, to Suzanne, to Andrew throughout the game, while Kyla stayed pretty close to Aunt Suzanne:) What a surprise:)

Afterwards, we checked out the new library and the kids did some exploring.

Our little family went to our church for a special thank-you dinner for volunteers while Andrew and Suzanne went to a reunion dinner. They came over after they were done and had desert. We are so blessed with their friendship and so glad that they came!

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