Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Swim Baby Swim!

Kyla started swim lessons last night at the McMinnville Pool. The lessons are a christmas present from Grandma Trina, Thanks Ting-a-Ling! Kyla has taken the parent/child swimming lesson twice now and was ready to move up to the minnow class. We watched from the side of the pool as our baby girl just hopped right in the water.

There are 5 kids in her class. Kyla used a kick board, put her face in the water, grabbed for rings under water, and practiced kicking.

I think Gavin may have enjoyed the class as much as Kyla. He loved watching all the kids, (there were 8 different classes being held) and all the activity. Chad and Gavin even spent some time up on the balcony watching! How fun! Her swim classes are twice a week for six weeks, we're going to be there a lot!

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