Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kyla started School!

We had a tremendously important day yesterday. Kyla started Kindergarten! Gavin and I drove her to Wascher Elementary School and delivered her to Mrs. Imholt's classroom. This was a practice day for the kindergarteners, only a third of the class were there. She got to meet her teacher and the assistant and some of the kids that will be in her class. We dropped her off at 8am and picked her up @ 10:45. Friday will be her first real full day of class. Next week she gets to start riding the bus. She can hardly wait!

Gavin and I had a quiet couple of hours here at home. It seemed a little strange without her here. I teared up a few times as I dropper her off and as I picked her up. I was so proud of her. Our little shy girl jumped right into this new experience and just waved at me as we left. I've been praying that her heart was made ready for this and that she was excited to start this adventure. She did great!

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