Monday, September 15, 2008

Is it Fall?

The mornings say it's fall, and the trees say it's fall, but the heat in the afternoon screams summer! We are have another heat wave it seems. As Kyla waits at the bus stop, all the kids are buttoned up in their coats as the temperature hovers around the 50 degree mark. But when she gets home for lunch, the temp is quickly raising to the 90's.

After Gavin's nap today, we got the sprinkler and the pool out and played a bit in the cool water.

The kids snacked on apples right off the trees and I enjoyed the chance to check on my garden. I've really enjoyed all the strawberries, cucumbers, cherry and heirloom tomatoes and beautiful flowers this year. I'm ready to add two more raised beds for next spring. I need another attempt at cucumbers before I give up on them:)

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