Monday, September 8, 2008


We've been saying for a couple years now that we needed to go and visit Uncle Andrew. He's the kids' godfather and our dear friend. He and his wife, Suzanne, live up in Wenatchee, WA.The drive itself was most daunting:) According to mapquest, it should take six hours, add in two young kids, my small bladder and traffic, it took over 8 1/2 hours! There were a couple times on the trip up that I was ready to jump out of the car and walk home:) We made it up there around 9pm and put the kids right to bed. It was so nice have some quiet time to visit with them. Suzanne and Andrew were married three years ago and we really haven't had the chance to get to know her until now. Suzanne is an avid animal lover with her favorite being horses. What a perfect place for Kyla:) They have two dogs, two cats, and three horses! Kyla and Gavin were in heaven! All those animals to love!

First thing Saturday morning, we were up and out at their stable were they board their horses. The horses came out and got to run and play for a bit and then they saddled up Valentine and Sampson for Kyla and Chad to ride. Suzanne even had a pink saddle for Kyla:) She taught Kyla how to turn the horse and how to trot, Kyla caught right on. She rode for over an hour, we were all really impressed. Valentine even got spooked near the end of her ride and nearly shook Kyla right off, but Kyla took it all in stride and didn't want to get off:)

Chad rode Sampson for a bit and then even Gavin got to join in the horse riding fun. He wasn't smiling for the pictures, but he sure was giggling!

After giving the horse treats and much love, we headed to the Chelan County Fair. We checked out all the animals and even watched a pig race:)

Kyla fell head over heals in love with Aunt Suzanne, it was quiet entertaining to watch:) Suzanne was so patient with her, I that they will be fast friends from this point on.

One Sunday, Kyla wanted to say goodbye to the horses so Suzanne, Kyla and I headed to the stables again. Kyla helped Suzanne clean out the stalls, feed the horses their treats, and over all enjoy every aspect of horses. Suzanne taught her how to lead Valentine. She was so cute walking around the stables in her polka-dot rubber boots:) Kyla told Chad that her favorite part was scooping the poop:)

We headed South on Sunday at 1. The trip home took only 7 hours, we just stopped once. Gavin didn't sleep at all! He was pretty grouchy, which made us all grouchy! We made it home safely, even with Gavin screaming randomly a good portion of the time:) We were all really glad to be home! What a great trip, we enjoyed really getting to know Suzanne, refreshing our friendship with Andrew and letting them get to know our precious children. We'll be back, maybe when Gavin's a bit older and quieter:)

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