Sunday, September 28, 2008


We had another weekend of house prep/painting. Gary, Chad's dad came over and was such a big help! On Saturday we scrapped, sanded, caulked, and covered the windows. Trina, Chad's mom, came over and played with the kids as Chad, Gary, and I worked outside. What a blessing our family is to us!

As soon as we got home from church today, Chad and Gavin were doing the man thing and figured out how the new paint sprayer went together.

Chad was able to prime the entire back side of the house and the studio addition. Well, at least as high as he could reach:) We let that dry for a while and then Chad put on the first coat of paint!

I was getting a bit worried, we were working so hard, and the house kept looking worse and worse, I truly didn't see an end in sight. Thankfully, Chad is so focused and was able to get a good portion of the trouble spots done! Now we go upward:)

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