Monday, September 1, 2008

Oregon State Fair

Kyla has been doing chores for commission for about three months now and she has saved $5. She wanted badly to ride the carnival rides at the fair this year and we told her that she had to work for it:) The ticket man wasn't too impressed with having to count out $5 in change, but in the end, Kyla used her hard earned $$ for rides.

Kyla's first pick was a ride with Daddy:) We found out that Daddy just doesn't have what it takes any more.

The kiddos went on the canoe ride next. Unfortunately, there weren't many rides that Gavin could go on (maybe 2).

We checked out the Horse barns next and watched them pull weights. It was kind of slow and the kids weren't too impressed. We listened to a Japanese Drum group, Gavin got down to the beat:) We even got free icecream thanks to Kyla winning a free cone!

We hit the petting zoo, lego land, and the quilt area. Kyla choose a couple more rides to go. By 5:30 we were all tired and getting a bit grumpy. After our long awaited elephant ear, we headed home. The kids didn't even make it out of Salem before they were asleep:) Yes, that is them under the jackets, the sun was in their eyes:)

Kyla starts school tomorrow so it was a quick bath and an even quicker dinner and off to bed in preparation for the next Riddle adventure:)

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Jolina said...

Oh it looks like you guys had a blast. . I am bummed... they would not let Kiara on the kanoe ride.. they said she had to be 2 years old!! how did gavin age quicker!! LOL