Saturday, September 24, 2011

Plum Butter

Last year I didn't make any plum butter. And all winter I've heard the quiet begging for plum butter on sandwiches. But alas, there was no plum butter to be found. Who would have guessed that plum butter would be such an integral part of our family life:) So when I was offered some picking time at a friends plum tree, I jumped at the opportunity!

I half filled a bushel basket and grabbed a some pears as well and came home grinning with my bounty. Then the work began.

I washed, pitted, chopped and weighed.

I cooked, and stirred, and chopped some more (this time with the help of my blender) and cooked it more.

Then I canned it and water bathed it. 

Then with great elation...listened to them pop! Ah the sounds of a good canning session. Success was audible and my kitchen smelled like heaven. Now my sticky floor, that was a whole different matter:)

While all this slaving away and hot, sticky matter was splatting everywhere, it seems that my son was chatting on my cell phone. To his grandmother...who knew:)

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