Thursday, October 13, 2011

Triple A Saves the Day!

Chad and the kids took a trip to Seattle for the Bric Con (lego convention) and on their way home, had an unplanned adventure...on the side of the freeway. The Honda (which has been our family car for many years and has just recently down graded to be Chad's car) decided that it was tired. So it took a rest, on the side of I-5 South, just South of Olympia. Many, many, many miles from home.

Chad called AAA and found that they were very willing to help - tow the car one hundred miles. Yeah, that would get them half way home. After searching for a long haul tow truck that was big enough to hold car seats and children, a tow truck pulled up and hooked up our refreshed but now busted car. 

A three hour ride home gave the kids a chance to take the tow truck glory in and even take a nap, much to the delight of the driver who had three young ones of his own at home.

 So the kids, the husband, and the car all safely made it home and the battle to resuscitate the car began.  A new timing belt, water pump, radiator, seals, and other random belts later, we have a car that runs again.

 Hurray for Triple A!

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