Thursday, September 8, 2011

New school supplies and waking up's back to school time!

The trumpets sounded on Tuesday morning and we were off, off on the back to school routine. Actually it was just one lonely alarm clock, but trumpets sounding sounded much more exciting and oh so very formal and spectacular:)

Kyla has been blessed with an amazing phenomenon in a public school...she has the same teacher and students as her second grade year. They all moved up together! We are so blessed by this! Her teacher is amazing and Kyla feels right at home already with her classmates so that getting back to learning is an easy transition. She is a third grader and loving it! 

Gavin started at Little Lambs Preschool on Wednesday, going back to where he took part in a month of preschool last May. He easily slipped back into the routine of it all and is excited for his next day of school.

He'll be busy learning and playing on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays while I'll be enjoying the soon as I get over the faint stirrings of loneliness:)

Lunches have been  made, school supplies delivered, schedules fussed over and bed times revived. All is in order for school, all except the habit of waking up early. That may take a while to get used to again.

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