Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lego Mania

We have LEGO mania here at the Riddle house. Chad has started a LEGO club at Kyla's school that we all get to take part in twice a week. Did you catch that, all of us...twice a week. Oh boy:) On top of that, Gavin and Kyla are building with LEGOs every day! 

Our boy is showing some mad skills in the building and designing department. Here is a little taste of what has been coming out of the playroom.

All on his own, with no help from us. He's four people!


Please focus your attention towards the amazing lego creation, with a loading door. Please don't notice the amazing bed head and tired eyes. Lots of Lego building = not much personal grooming:)

And you know that Gavin isn't having the only building fun. Here's Chad's latest creation, which was used for the LEGO presentations at our local grade school. Introducing Robot Dude. Or Dude on a Robot:)

I'm sure that there are more creations to come, both from the kids and from their toy-lovin' daddy.

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