Friday, September 9, 2011

One Thing After Another

This summer we were busy, really busy, while we waited for some sunshine and warmth. Here is just a glimpse of what went down this August.

 Kyla took her first round of riding lessons at a local farm. It was a two day camp and she loved every second of time on the horse.

We had a "First" happen this month as well. Kyla and I had the oppurtnity to take a ride in a hot air balloon. Gav and Chad took a tethered (the balloon was held by a rope so they went up and then right back down) ride as well. Chad's family started crewing for this couple back when Chad was Gav's age! We'll be crewing from now on:)


With great joy, we celebrated Kyla's 8th birthday. She had a friend party before we left on our big trip, and as you can maybe guess, it was fairy themed.

We traveled to Indiana on her actual birthday, and the crew of the airplane made her a crown and "cake" out of peanut packages and stirsticks. You can bet that made her day:)

We also squished in a trip to the Yamhill County Fair. The kiddos enjoyed the rides, while Chad and I enjoyed the crazy fair food. We caught the rodeo and some animal judging.

Sometime in the midst of traveling and birthdays, the kids became underwater detectives. Hence the underwear on their heads...and clothes pins:) I know for a fact that Kyla's panties were clean, I am not as certain that Gavin's underpants were. I choose not to dwell on that:)

The four of us traveled to Indiana for my cousin's wedding. The trip was full of wedding fun, visiting, eating, and playing.

Instead of heading straight home from Indiana, we made a week long stop in Colorado to visit with Chad's brother. Trina (my MIL) met us up at Estes Park, the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, where we got a three bedroom condo for all of us. Chad's brother met us there and we hiked, swam, toured and went horse back riding. It was a phenomenal trip!

At some random day during the month of August, Kyla somehow got hold of her little brother and proceeded to use every hair tie in her supply to decorate him. He didn't seem to mind and the giggles that were seeping from under the bathroom door were well worth the work of putting everything away.

So that was our August, well at least a glimpse of it. Makes you want to take a nap doesn't it?:)

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