Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Painting We Will Go...

It's that time of year, time to finish painting the house. Fall is fast approaching and the need to get the house finished up is overwhelming. Yes, we realize that we had all summer to do so, but you know us, time just got away:)

We are blessed with my brother's help this weekend, he drove all the way from the Tri-Cities just to help out. He has painted quite a few houses while working at his last job, so his knowledge and expertise was much appreciated.

We were up early and outside scrapping (you would think we did enough of that last year, but alas, there was more to do), sealing (36 tubes of caulk and counting), pressure washing and then priming. It was a full day marathon and only half of the upstairs is left to prime.

Max spent most of the day hiding in the caulk box...strange cat.

I did feed the boys pot roast for dinner, with potatoes and purple carrots from our garden. They are right this minute enjoying rich chocolate icecream after their long day of labor.

I can't put into words the peace I have knowing that we are so close to being done with this project. Thanks to Josh for helping out, to Mom and Dad for taking the kids camping all weekend, and for all the others who have helped with this ongoing project.

We are off to bed after a long, hard day. So Very Close Now!

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