Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What to do, What to do?

Over the last two years, we've had feral cats take over our little neighborhood. They live under our house and our neighboors' houses as well. No one feeds them to my knowledge, but they somehow survive. I've called the humane society, Yamhill Animal Control, and Lafayette City Hall to no avail. No one can do anything about it. We can trap them and run them to Portland and get them fixed for free through the Feral Cats Coalition, but by doing that, we make the commitment to feed them for life (that's what the web site says). We don't need 20 cats! I don't want to FEED 20 cats let alone one!

Yesterday evening, a kitten crawled into the garage as Chad was working in there, melting his little mushy heart:) The male kitten has fleas and it as skinny as I have every seen a cat. Chad petted it and gave is some attention and now that same kitten is curled up on our front porch whining for all its worth. I feel like the meanest person to grace the earth. I don't want to feed it...he's not ours and I don't want him to think that he is.

What should we do? People have told me to hire a trapper to come and get them all, yeah I bet that's cheap:) Or we can take each one to Portland but then we feed them for the rest of forever. I've thought of putting them up on craigslist as barn cats? Is that too cruel? I'm at a loss, any other thoughts or opinions would be much welcomed!

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Jolina said...

O my gosh.. that melts my heart too.. I will ask kc about trapping them.. that is what they are doing to a few cats around their place and todd takes them to some farm place... not sure if they would take kittens.