Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dresser Finished....Check, Kid's Room Rearranged....Check

Last weekend I bargained down one of our local Second-hand store owners and purchased a great, super sturdy, dresser for the kid's room. It's solid wood and has a plethora of storage for all the random clothing that my two munchkins seem to have.

Many of you may remember that when we were expecting Kyla, we purchased an old desk and fixed it up for a changing table and dresser. I've been meaning to purchase something bigger since Gavin was born, but just hadn't gotten around to it. We finally had come to the point where I couldn't put all the kids clothes away, we just didn't have the needed space, hence my latest project.

I cleaned, sanded, stained, get the idea.

A weeks worth of work and we have a beautiful, working dresser for the kids. The funny thing is that this may be the nicest piece of furniture we own and it's in the kid's room. We still are living with (and appreciating) furniture that we given to us when we moved into our home. There is just a bit of me that covets this beauty for my bedroom:)

This weekend Chad and Bryan manfully hoisted the weighty piece of furniture up the stairs, by manfully I mean with much grunting, head scratching, sweating and the oft repeated phrase "this is never going to be moved again." What strong and wonderful men:)

We rearranged the kid's room in order to make it more roomy for the best play. We ended up chopping a couple of inches off the legs on Gavin's bed in order for it to fit under Kyla's bed, but we are all very happy with the end results. Lots of room for playing, two beds that fit, and a huge dresser to keep everything organized!

Oh Happy Day!

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Jolina said...

very nice!! looks great.. awesome job on the dresser... that is what we really need also...