Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The wedding

One of the main reasons we went to IN was to celebrate my cousin Kyle's wedding. This is on my dad's side and we traveled up to Northwestern IN for a long weekend of fun and celebration. Gavin stole the hearts of most of the males, they snuck him food and dessert faster than I could wipe off his sticky little mouth:) while Kyla danced with anyone who would partner with her. It was a great time to visit with my cousins and with my aunts and uncles. The bride and groom's photographer left right after the reception started to I offered to take pics of the festivities. What a fun time!

The Bride and Groom

Kyla and Grandpa Kevin dancing the night awayThe food bandit in action with cousins Abby and Joe and with my cousin Adam

My cousin Kyle and Abby and Gavin during the money dance
My Grandmother, my Dad and I
My cousin Kelly and Kyla and then Gavin with Kelly and her fiance' Justin

My Uncle Bernie

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