Friday, July 24, 2009

Garden Bounty

When we left for Indiana back in June, my garden was doing respectably well. Since we've been back, it has exploded!

Check out my cherry tom. plant and those sunflowers! (Kyla is around 44 inches tall and the beds are 12" tall)

We've been enjoying beets and butterleaf lettuce for the last couple of weeks and I was able to pick green beans for dinner this morning! I picked a a couple of handfuls of blueberries and about a cup of blackberries yesterday. How exciting!! Here is our bounty from this morning:) The beets are bigger than my fist!

I have realized that I over planted this year. When we did seeds, it looked so empty so I added more:) Now everything is vying for space. Learning more each time we do it:) Our little chicks are doing well and Big Mama is settling in to her new home. Now we wait patiently for her to start laying again. In about three months our babies will be laying too:)

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