Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Sewing Continues

I've started working on school clothes for Miss Kyla. She prefers dresses so my goal is to make her a couple of dresses for the upcoming year. My first success is refashioned from a shirt that I had purchased for myself a couple of years ago and then never wore. We picked up some contrasting knit at Joanns last week and I whipped up this cute t-shirt dress yesterday as the kids watched a movie in the air conditioned studio:)

She of course had to run around the yard to make sure it was play worthy:) I used one of her dresses that fit her well in the torso as a pattern to follow, tracing it right on the t-shirt. The ruffle idea came from a web site that randomly found and now can't seem to find again:) Kyla and I are both pleased with the end result, on to the next project:)


Joce said...

I soooo amaze me! I wish I had creativity like that. Way to go~seriously impressed. =)

Joce said...

oops, supposed to say YOU so amaze me. hee, hee.