Friday, July 10, 2009

Bike Ridin' Babe!

We are back from our whirl wind trip to Indiana and we are trying to settle back into the normal routine. On our first evening home, Kyla realized that Chad had taken off her training wheels on her bike and she was ready to go and try it out. We walked across the street to the park and away she went! What a kid! Gavin took his "bike" over too:) I must admit to being teary eyed a time or two as she tried and failed but then picked herself up and tried again. She was determined and fearless and so ready to do it on her own.

She had just realized that Chad had let go and she was doing it all by herself. What a smile!

Look at her go!

Leaving Daddy and Gavin in the dust:)

In the process of "stopping." We are still working on that part:)

She is so excited and we are so proud of our little girl. Great job Kyla!!

1 comment:

Jolina said...

Very cool!! Eva is about to hit that stage soon.. cant wait.. bruises and scrapes here we come.

good job Kyla!