Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Potty Time!

We have officially started potty training camp here at the Riddle house. We started yesterday and Gavin has been doing fairly well to date. This morning we ran to Walmart and Gavin picked out his own big boy undies. Of course they have cars on them:)

He is quite proud of his big boy underpants and wanted to show them off. Big Sis showed him some model moves, too funny:)

They are a bit on the big side, but they're smallest size that we could find. They stay up and they have cars on them, coolest undies ever according to Gavin. He'll eventually grow into them:)


Dominique said...

Hey, we started that this week too! Well, Monday anyway. Truitt has the same big boy underware, but he totally doesn't get that you are not suppose to pee in the underware. We thought he would get it because he gets so much about the whole process, but he totally doesn't care if he has wet himself. Guess we'll have to keep trying and maybe one day it will finally click!

www.emilychadwick.wordpress.com said...

Gavin is soooooooooooooo cute!