Sunday, March 21, 2010

What a week! This was the week of the family visitors. Chad's brother flew in from Colorado, My brother and his family drove down from the Tri-Cities, and Kristel and her little one were down from Alberta!

Last weekend, we all camped out at the Kettlehake Commune, AKA Chad's mom's house, and stayed up entirely too late visiting with Todd and Lisa. We talked, ate, played, ate some more, and finished off with talking:) The kids literally dropped to the floor where they were playing and fell asleep:)

On Friday, the Riddles/Lees converged on our house for a rousing dinner of breakfast:) We scrounged up more seating and made enough food for a small country for the 12 of us. The boys told stories to fill Trina, Michele, and Lisa in on their childhood, it's truly amazing what the boys got away with their parents none the wiser:). Plans regarding pen-pals where made, dramatic wrestling matches ensued, and a three and a half pound cake was devoured. The night was officially ended with Gavin singing. You really had to be there to fully appreciate the timing of this comical incident.

Take one...
Here's a keeper:)
Ending with a bang!
Fun Facts:
Great memories were made
Todd has never changed a diaper
Todd and Lisa may need to sleep for a week to recover
It's a miracle all five boys survived childhood
We can fit twelve people in our dinning room
Gavin now is a baby dinosaur named Louie
We've started making plans for our trip to Colorado in 2011
Lisa is supremely strong - miraculously proven by her carting
both of my large children through an indoor jungle gym
Hannah wants to visit China
Stories about mailboxes blowing up are funny no matter how many times you hear it
Kyla and Gavin love their Uncle Todd and Miss Lisa!
We had a wonderful time!

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