Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's just a boy thing

It's got to be a boy thing.

We are trying something new nowadays. Gavin and Kyla are getting old enough (read responsible enough) to play outside by themselves. They must be within the view area of our sliding glass door though. That's the rule, no wishy washiness there. I am constantly peeking out our sliding glass door or bathroom window, checking on their well being and decision making skills as it pertains to following the rules. I'm getting pretty darn sneaky about it.

During one such sneaking period, I spied my boy doing something dangerous and unthinkable. Well, unthinkable to me at least. He had turned his jeep upside down and proceeded to climb upon it, taunting gravity and all sorts of other physics laws. Now, if this was Kyla, I don't think the idea would have crossed her careful little mind. But Gavin, well lets just say that I'm not terribly surprised:)

Hmm, Upside down Jeep...

Climbing Structure? Why not?!

Oh Oh, check out the angle of the jeep...

Opps, Where did he go?

Ahhhhh, there he is.
Safe and sound, and smarter for the experience, right?

Guess not...

Ack! I've been caught, wait, he's been caught:)

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Joce said...

Jen, I LOVE how you write each post. You have such a way with words and pictures. I've really enjoyed reading all about your Hawaii trip too! Thanks for sharing the life of your beautiful family!

Bless you friend. . . maybe this summer, we can really try to get together. =)