Thursday, March 18, 2010

As the Sun Sets on Hawaii...

As our trip came to an end, we squished a couple more things in. We drove to the Iao Valley and enjoyed the view (with the vog) and the history. Found another black/red sand beach and enjoyed the music of the waves:)

Our last stop was the Maui Tropical Plantation. We picked up some pineapple to share here at home and explored the gardens.

And now we are back. Back to the cold and wet of Oregon. Back to work and routines and parenting. It's been a bit rough this past week as we settle back into our normal"ish" routines. The kids are a bit off, to be expected after two whole weeks with grandparents:), as are Chad and I. Wait, I have to make dinner, again? Who's in charge of the kids? How I miss that evening soak in the hot tub:)

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