Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Back by popular demand

Not so much demand, I guess, as just a couple of people have asked about it:) Here is a bit more about our trip to Seattle!

On Wednesday evening we dressed up (Here you go Domonique)

and hopped on the monorail to be whisked away to our fancy, smancy dining venue, the Space Needle.

After a unforgettable dinner, we walked to the Performance Center for the much awaited Celtic Thunder concert! We were a bit surprised by the "teeny bopper" feel of the audience, but that was entertaining as we waited for the concert to begin:) Three hours of amazing music later, (You can find just a taste of it here) we headed back to the hotel to end our day.

On Thursday we explored the Seattle Art Museum and strolled through Pike Place Market one more time. We hated to leave, but we made the long drive back home to our kiddos and settled back into the routine of life. Oh, the memories we made and the bonds that were strengthened! What a trip!


Jolina said...

Ohhhh hot Mamma!!! you look GREAT!!

Joce said...

I agree, HOT, HOT, HOT!!!! Sounds absolutely perfect! Blessings to you both. =)

Lynn said...

Oh my gosh Jenny you look GREAT! I am so glad you two got to get away for a bit! What FUN!

Dominique said...

Wow, you look amazing! How did you get you blue eyes to shine like that! Thanks for sharing ;)