Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pumpkin Time!

We don't celebrate Halloween, therefor we didn't get our pumpkins carved until today. That's our excuse anyway:) My mom gave us these gigantic pumpkins right from her garden. We stripped Gavin down to some play pants and Kyla picked out the perfect pumpkin carving outfit. Hmmm.

Gavin could barely clean out the bottom of his it was so tall:) He wasn't so sure about touching all the goop inside the pumpkin but got into the spirit of it when we gave him his very own spoon.Chad drew the face on Gavin's and Gavin "helped" me carve it.

Kyla cleaned out, drew a face and carved her very own pumpkin this year! What a big girl she is!

Here they are.

Happy Harvest Everyone!

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