Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cavity Free Kid!

Kyla had her first dentist appointment yesterday. The time has gotten away from me and I realized that we are pretty late starting, but thankfully, she is cavity free! She was quite worried as the visit started, but did okay as it progressed. She ended up laying on me for her checkup and cleaning, I had to fight not to open my mouth and let him check me:) Gavin enjoyed watching the show and was ready to jump up on the chair and let the dentist check him out. We were able to look at the x-rays and saw her permanent teeth ready to come through. The Dr. says she'll be losing her bottom teeth anytime. Crazy looking pictures, here we come, the gawky stage is about to start:) She got to choose a prize for doing so well so we came home with a purple dog named, "Purple Dog."

Cavity Free and proud:)
Since her appointment, the kids have been playing dentist. Poor Gavin, always seems to be the patient and he always has too many cavities:)

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