Sunday, July 20, 2008


I did it! For over 10 years I've had the desire to compete in a relay type walking race. This past winter I coerced 6 of my friends to join me in the Rainer to Pacific Relay up in Washington.

The Striding Mac Moms left Lafayette on Friday, July 18 in a fifteen passenger van and headed north. Our Race started just outside of Tenino, WA off of I-5. My mom and her friend Jo were our drivers and biggest supporters. Stacee started us off and less than 24 hours later, we had completed 96 miles and had reached Oceanside City and the Pacific Ocean! My first leg was almost 4 miles on a highway during the afternoon and I finished it off with 13 minute miles.

My second leg was at 2:30 am and consisted of 5.5 miles of steep uphill, gravel and some downhill. I was able to complete that with 15 minute miles! That was my most feared leg!

My last solo leg was as we came into Oceanside. It was a pretty flat 3.5 miles right along a very busy highway. My goal was to not get ran over! I made it safely to my hand off with about 15 minute miles. For the last mile of the race, the hole team walked with our last walker to cross the finish line. We finished first! I won't tell you how many walking teams there were:) We also finished before a running team! What an amazing accomplishment!

We slept in the van, (at least we tried to) had to hunt up port-a-potties, eat more energy bars than we can count, walked in the pitch black night worried about bear attacks, and had a great time laughing and groaning together. We had a big lunch and then headed back home. We got back to Lafayette at 8 pm on Saturday, July 19.

My knee is giving me some problems and my hips just weren't working after sitting in the van on the ride home, but I'm so glad that I tried it and that we all succeeded! What a great feeling! We are all mom's with little kiddos so it was great to get away for a day and do something for ourselves, no matter how much it hurt:) Thanks for the prayers of support as I was on my adventure!


Jennifer said...

CONGRATULATIONS, JENNY AND TEAM! Great pictures, almost makes me wish I went too! Ha! We've had strep throat and now baby has it too. Wasn't my year! Enjoy a hot bath and see you when we are all well! Good job!

Joce said...

Wow!!! I'm soo impressed. I've definitely missed that competiveness since good 'ol GFU track days. I pray you recoop well and quickly. Awesome job!!!

Tina said...

It was a blast and I will never regret doing it!

I'm bummed I missed that last picture with you guys but I would have made it less pretty anyway ;0)