Friday, July 4, 2008

Fun in the Sun - July 3

What a fun day we had today! We started our adventures in McMinnville at the brown bag concert and a picnic lunch. The kids loved the music and Gavin was dancing away! We headed to the farmers market and bought some yummy organic carrots and some peas in the pod for Jolina. The kids loved watching all the people and I enjoyed getting out of the house:)

Since we were pretty hot from walking through downtown, we headed over to Jolina's house to play in the pool. Kyla can touch the bottom this year so she's a lot more comfortable. Eva swam all by herself yesterday! It's been so fun watching her grow up alongside Kyla! Gavin has started saying her name, "Evie". It's just cute!

Gavin was lounging about as he was the "King of the Pool" and Kyla and Eva wore each other out.

Later that evening after the kids had gone to bed, we heard a loud thump from upstairs. Kyla had fallen asleep in our bed as a special treat and had then rolled right out of it. Unfortunately, Chad's sleep machine happened to be right were she fell and she cut her eye lid on it! Chad brought her downstairs and she had blood dripping out of both sides of her eye. Once we got it all cleaned up, it didn't look to bad. She's a little bruised up now, but all in all, she has survived once again:)

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Joce said...

Sounds like you guys had such fun. We have a hottub that we turned down to a warmtub this summer and my have had a blast swimming in it. Hope you have a fantastic weekend. Love reading the blog!