Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

We hope that everyone had a nice relaxing holiday! To start the day, Kyla went to the St. Paul Parade with her buddies, Eva and Kiara. We had a BBQ lunch at the Brandon's and we cooled off in the pool for a bit.

Chad's mom, Trina, came over and we had our 2nd annual Riddle Fireworks fun in McMinnville. Last year we heard that McMinnville had a fireworks display for the fourth so we decided to check it out. They fireworks were amazing and we planned to go again this year. We picked up a couple of little fireworks earlier in the day, it's amazing how little $5 will get you now, and took them with us to help pass the time.

After almost 3 hours of patiently waiting, the city's display started. It was wonderful! Last year Gavin slept through them in his infant carrier. This year, it was so fun to watch him as he watched them. He sat in his little chair and barely moved as he watched the show. He loved the noise and the smoke. Kyla loved "everything" about. I think the best part for her was hanging out with her Ting-a-ling (Grandma Trina).

Both kids ended up asleep before the show was over, I didn't blame them, it was after 10:30! What a great way to celebrate our nation. You all are welcome to join us next year:)

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