Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Both of the kids survived having the flu last week and are back to enjoying our summer. We've been swimming at our friend's house, played in the sprinkler and laid in front of the window air conditioner:) Jolina dropped off some beautiful cupcakes in celebration of her daughter's b-day this week. A couple of them were on a stick! Gavin sure loved that! We sang Happy Birthday to miss Zoey and the kids dug in.

The kids took advantage of Edwaurdo cleaning the dining room and built a "reading fort". Only reading was declared legal by "queen" Kyla. Gavin went along with that for a while and then decided it would be much more fun to climb to the top and then fall headfirst in on Kyla. Needless to say, the fort was quickly dismantled in the ongoing effort to keep Gavin OUT of the emergency room.

Grandma Lynne gave kyla a Hooked on Phonics set this past winter. Kyla has decided that it's time to get on with it and learn to read. She's been working really hard and enjoys the cds and computer games that came with the program. Here she is studying her flash cards. I just couldn't resist sharing his beautiful blue eyes!

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Jolina said...

Love the lollipop stick in the mouth!! to funny.