Saturday, July 5, 2008

Shave and a Hair Cut - Two Bits!

Gavin was in dire need of a hair cut and Kyla decided that it would be a great time for Mommy to learn how to cut her hair as well:) Since we are trying to be very frugal with our $$, I decided to learn how to cut Gavin's hair instead of taking him somewhere to get it down. It worked out well last time so I assumed it would this time as well. Hmmm, there seemed to be some sort of failure in the communication this time, because he sure didn't sit still as I welded a very sharp pair of scissors about his head! After a frustrating amount of time for all parties involved, he is looking very handsome with no noticeable gouges in his head or hair:)

Before I attempted the nearly impossible job of cutting a 17 month-old's hair, we cut Kyla's. I never imagined how difficult it could be to make long hair even on both sides of her head! It didn't help that said head kept moving all about. The end result is a cute little bob for my cute little gal. It's so much easier to brush and it should keep her a bit cooler this summer.

Before and After


Jolina said...

Wow!! I am very impressed chad allowed you to cute it!! Hats off to chad.. It looks sooooo much better!! Very nice job jen.

Jolina said...

Ok... I see now I spelled cut , cute!! LOL well I was thinking cute while I was trying to type cut!! LOL Yes,, I am a dork

Joce said...

Wow!!!! You are one brave women! I leave the hair cutting up to my husband to do for our boys~he does the buzz cut with them. I'm very impressed, their hair looks great! Way to go Jen!