Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hang Your Hat Here

I've always wanted a coat tree to hang my hat on. I don't generally wear hats, but if I did, I would surely need a place to hang them:) My entryway is coming along, just a couple more projects to complete and it's done. Room two of our whole house upgrade will soon be checked off the list. For my dream entryway, I need a coat/hat tree. I wasn't about to go and spend a large amount of our money on one, so I envisioned one in my head and scrounged until I found all the pieces that would become my dream coat tree. And Ta Da. Here she is!!

Oh the curves and the cute umbrella holders!

I found the wooden post and the mismatched hardware at my local Habitat Restore. Of course the hardware was the wrong color...but I could take care of that:)

I set up a handy dandy paint box and went to work with some black spray paint.

My hardware turned out stunning, as did my black feet:)

The base is made out of wood that Chad has been hoarding, I mean "saving" in the garage. The middle piece is actually an original piece taken from the house as we've done all our remodeling. A can of white spray paint and a finial from my dad's shop and we had all the necessary pieces. It was puzzle making time.

The total cost of this project came to roughly $20. It was a long process, but well worth it, minus the black feet.

And the end result? I'm in love...with my coat tree:) Please come on over and hang your hat, or your coat, or just come and visit:)

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